On the ride home from getting Jazmine, we stopped at Petco to pick up some pet supplies.  I had to put Jazmine in a cart since she wouldn’t walk on a leash.  Putting her in a cart was probably a good idea since she wasn’t immunized yet.  Puppies can be exposed to some dangerous diseases, I wasn’t quite aware of at the time.


As we were walking around Petco, an adult German Shepherd came along to check her out.  They sniffed each other and then the bigger dog barked at Jazmine.  He scared her – She whimpered and layed down in the cart.  My first momma bear moment “Heyyy, be nice to my baby!!!” but the big dog meant no harm.

I remember getting her the smallest choker collar and it had pink threading throughout the links.  I feel differently about the choke collar today but this was too cute to pass up.  I was impulse purchasing everything!  I loaded up on doggy treats, some toys and decided to get the “Puppies from Dummies” book.  It was a good idea since I hadn’t actually ever trained a puppy before.


We returned home after Petco.  It was time for Jazmine to meet her new dad.  Dad was at home, cutting the grass, when we pulled up.  I got out of the car and asked “Are you ready to meet our new puppy?”  He was surprised she was so little and young but he was pretty excited for what was in store.  I gently put her down on the driveway and let her explore her new back yard.  She looked, she sniffed, she peed and shortly, she relaxed and got cozy in the grass.

 Jazzy Home

After playing in the new yard, we went inside and introduced Jazmine to her new home.  I poured her first bowl of food, measuring it out according to the bag and wondered if she would be the dog that woofs down all of her food or if she would be the grazer type that would always have some kibble left in her bowl.  I was used to having dogs that grazed.


My husband and I sat on the couch as we looked over at Jazmine and saw that she had curled up and was starting to doze off.  Every time her eyes started to fall shut she would open them really fast and Pat said to me….”It’s all about trust….It’s hard to fall asleep if you don’t know your safe”…and soon enough, she fell asleep.  What a day for her!


Do you remember when you first brought home your furbaby?  Feel free to share a story below

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