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Welcome to our blog! 

Who are we?

I am an animal lover.  I’ve had a love for animals since the beginning of my time.  For most of life, I have had a pet of some kind.  It wasn’t until I became an adult and got my first puppy that I truly discovered how deep that love and devotion goes.

Hello Jazzy Raja Maddie


Why are we here?

Ever since I got my pup, Jazmine, almost 11 years ago (!!), I wanted to document her life.  I’ve been snapping photos of her from the moment I put her in my truck for her first car ride home.  I wanted to share her life and adventures with the world.  Blogging and the internet weren’t quite around like they are now when I got Jazmine but my days were still filled with picture taking, memories being made and future stories (and lessons!) to be told.

I intend this blog to be filled with pictures and stories of not just Jazmine, but of the other rescued animals in my life - and possibly the lives of others.  I would like to make people aware of how many animals are in need of a good, loving home.  It can be so rewarding and fulfilling to help an animal find their furever home.  Rescued animals bring so much joy to so many lives, I hope to inspire more people to rescue and adopt their best friend.  Adopt, don’t shop is my motto.

Hello Jazzy GirlHello RajaHello Maddie

What will we do?

I will share personal stories and experiences on a wide variety of animal topics.   I would like to offer helpful advice and suggestions that I have learned over the years.  Some posts will be to shed light on topics such as animal homelessness and abandonment.  Many posts will be for pure entertainment.  I would like to build a community of animal lovers who want to make a difference in the lives of these four-legged friends.  

Where are we headed?

Most importantly, I want to give back to the animals.  I spent a few years fostering dogs through a local rescue group.  It was a very rewarding time.  I eventually became pregnant with my daughter and decided to take a break from it until I felt comfortable bringing in unfamiliar dogs around my new child.  I figured it would probably be best to wait until she’s old enough to know how to properly behave around them.

Not fostering has been heart aching for me but it’s the animals that suffer most.  I intend to get back to fostering, hopefully sooner than later.  In the meantime, I feel the constant pull to be helping in some other way.  I’ve thought and prayed on it much over the last few months….and it’s led me here.  So, here we are – the start of MyRescueTales…..I don’t know exactly where this is going to lead, but I hope that you will continue to read, enjoy and follow our future stories and journey….

**originally posted 2/19/2018, but due to technically difficulties, was re-posted at a later date **




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