Introducing Zipper!!

It was time to start rebuilding the pack.  On my city facebook group was a little black pup that was posted as found and turned in our local animal control.   Found Black Puppy Mix
I contacted our AC, then the rescue group that took her in and we had to start off fostering her because of her age. We picked her up the next day at the rescue and brought the pup home.  
Her foster name was Sterling, based on where she was found, but Parker quickly decided to call her Zipper because she was so ZIPPY around the backyard.
Zippers Homecoming Day
Zipper.  Zipper has certainly been a handful right from the start.  What I didn't quite know about puppies is that they get overstimulated, just like human babies.  Then they can get bite-y, nippy and just all out bratty.  Like babies, puppies can having a bewitching hour/time.  Having young kids in the house can exasperate all of this. 
Zipper was so busy on her first day home, she never took a nap!  By the end of the day she was jumping all over the place and biting at EVERYTHING she could get her puppy dagger teeth on.  The trainer from our rescue group explained this is a great time for puppy crate naps and that's exactly what we started doing.
It's been challenging but in time I've learned to pick up on cues for when she's getting overstimulated and needs a nap.  Thankfully, Zipper is a good little girl about going in to her crate and she slept through her first night without waking up and no accidents!!  Her crate started off slightly bigger than it should have been but since she continued to be accident free, we kept it this way, never having to block off a portion.
Zipper puppy in her crateZipper puppy in her crateZipper puppy in her crate
Stay tuned for more Zipper-tales - Keep up to date by following Zipper on Facebook and Instagram!  In the meantime, we would love to hear your own rescue tale and your own pup's first night at home - Please share in the comments below!

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