Picking Out My Best Friend

Jazmine.  Jazmine is the one behind getting this whole blog started.  If technology and social media had been what it is now, when I got Jazmine as a pup, this blog could’ve started much, much sooner.  I’ve thought about starting a blog a million times since blogging and youtube have become so popular. Better late than never – so let’s get started …

I had been wanting a dog for quite some time but was waiting until I was a homeowner.  Apartment life wasn’t for the big, active type dog I wanted to get.   After months of scouring on petfinder.com, someone told me about Petpalooza happening locally.  It was an event of over 50 rescues, with hundreds of available cats and dogs looking for homes.


I went to Petpalooza with the intention of getting a male dog, 1-3 years old.  I grew up with males and wasn’t real experienced with puppies.  I wanted something housetrained…maybe knowing “sit” already.  I love all dogs, but my heart strings are pulled most by German Shepherd types.  So, I envisioned getting a 1-3 year old male German Shepherd mix.   


I showed up at this giant park full of tents and pets looking for a home. I walked through this park two times without finding “the one” that stole my heart. I told myself to walk around one more time, just in case….As I was approaching the final tent, I caught a glimpse of some puppies I must’ve missed the first two times I walked around. Cute lil dogs that were just my type – German Sheps. Shepherd/Husky mixes to be exact.


There were 3, but one was already spoken for.  I played with the other 2 – one male, one female.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take both.  Even though I wanted a boy dog, I surprisingly chose the female.  I felt so drawn to her.  That’s how picking out a pet happens.  There’s a magical chemistry about it.  She was also the first one I saw, so that helped in my decision making….and the rescue mentioned she was more social than her brother.   She was already named Jazmine which I loved, so we kept it, but decided to spell it with a Z.  Jazmine came spayed, with a bag of food and a slip knot leash.

I signed all the paperwork, put the leash around her neck and started to walk away.  I felt some resistance and looked behind me.  My new pup was laying on her side and it looked as though I am dragging her through the park.  A gentleman next to me kindly started laughing and said “Did you really think you were just gonna put that pup on a leash and she would walk outta here?  Hahaha!!  You gotta teach them how to walk on a leash.”  Ohhhhh…that was just the first of many things I had to learn about my new puppy, oh how little I knew, oh how little I knew what I was getting myself into.


I tried a few times to get her to walk but every time she would just tip over on her side and lay there.  So, I scooped up this cutie pie and carried her all the way out in one arm, while balancing the bag of food and folder of paperwork I was given.  I could’ve made 2 trips but I was too excited.  I walked in wanting a 1-3 year old male and ended up walking out with 2 month old female.  I’ll never forget the look on her face as we walked out….the “I’m not sure what’s about to happen” look, that I would become quite familiar with over the years to follow.  I just stared at her the whole walk out and promised her that we would become best friends and that she was going to have a GREAT LIFE – I PROMISE!!!!

 ** This was originally published on 3/8/18 - but due to technical difficulties was republished. **

Do you want to share a story of how you picked out your best friend?  Feel free to comment below..